Enrolment Process

Our mission is to be a Christian School that partners with Whanau to produce young people who know who they are, whose they are and what they are called to do.

We define the term “Christian school” by the following:

  • We believe in God as the creator of the Universe, the Bible as His inspired word and acceptance of, and a continuing relationship with, His son Jesus as required for eternal salvation.
Enrolment at Kaitaia Abundant Life School is based on the school’s Christian special character which is the key underwriting factor in the school’s integration agreement. According to that agreement: “the school is established for parents choosing a God-centred’ biblical world-view, Christian education for their children”. The special character is determined by the Kaitaia Abundant Life Centre Proprietors.
The following considerations are important in any enrolment application:
  • Applicants’ connection to the school’s Christian special character as outlined in the integration agreement.
  • It is the intention of the school to partner with families as outlined in the school’s mission statement.
  • Since the school has limitations on its total roll and it is the desire of the Board of Trustees to maintain smaller class sizes (for better education) classroom size constraints may affect entry.
  • Parents must be in total agreement with the school’s mission and vision statements, and the direction and purpose of the school.
  • In some cases, students may be entered into the school based on their own connection with the special character, but only provided the parents are in agreement at the time of the interview.
It should be noted that not having a lifestyle reflecting the connection to the school’s unique special character as determined by the Proprietors, especially where the scriptural principles espoused by the school are at odds with the lifestyle of the applicants, will be a reason to deny enrollment.
It is expected that students live with parents/caregivers, if there are any changes to living arrangements please let us know. Changes may affect enrolment.

Enrolment Process

  1. Understand the uniqueness of Kaitaia Abundant Life School as a special Christian character school.
  2. Contact the school office for an enrolment application. Complete an application and send it to the school via post or email. This will include references as per the enrolment pack. 
  3. Once the application pack has been received by the school, the application will be reviewed by the school and Proprietors. 
  4. An interview with the Proprietors and Principal may take place if needed.